Submit a Manuscript

Below are the steps for submitting a manuscript t0 Castanea:

  1. Review the guidelines for publication.
    Please look at the Instructions for Contributors [DOC] (revised December 2009).
  2. Prepare your manuscript.
    • Save the file in Word, WordPerfect, or Rich Text format. Please do not submit your manuscript as a pdf (Adobe).
    • Use proper citation methods as outlined in the document Format for Literature Cited in Castanea [DOC].
    • All tables and figures must be in electronic format. Figures should be saved as TIFF, EPS, PDF, or JPG files.
  3. Submit your manuscript electronically to Allen Press.
    • The link to get started is:
    • If you have not been to the site before, you will need to register (click on the "Register Here" link).
    • If you have been to the site previously, you simply need to type in your user name and password.
    • Once the manuscript has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation from Allen Press.
  4. Castanea is a peer-reviewed journal. Your manuscript will be checked by at least two reviewers and one of our editors. The process will result in your manuscript being either:
    • accepted with minor revisions
    • accepted after major revisions, or 3) rejected in its current format.
      In any case you will have an opportunity for revision and resubmission within a clearly defined time frame.
  5. Once accepted, the manuscript will be slated for publication in a future issue of Castanea. Our managing editor is Jean Baldwin. She can be contacted at At that point you will need to arrange for payment of page charges.

If you have questions at any point in the process, please contact our Editor-in-Chief:

Christopher P. Randle
Department of Biological Sciences
Sam Houston State University, 1900 Avenue I, LDB 300, Hunstville, TX  77340
Phone: 936-294-1554