Castanea: Occasional Papers in Eastern Botany

Castanea: Occasional Papers in Eastern Botany was established in January 2003 and features long manuscripts not appropriate for a regular issue of Castanea, collections of shorter manuscripts that treat topics not usually published in Castanea, and proceedings arising from symposia and conferences.

Number 1 (December 2002) - $15
Foundations of Southeastern Botany: An Annotated Bibliography of Southeastern American Botanical Explorers Prior to 1824. by Ronald W. Gilmour

Number 2 (December 2004, published May 2006) - $15
Proceedings of the Andre Michaux International Symposium. editor, Michael J. Baranski (table of contents)

Number 3 (December 2008) - $25
Annotated Catalog and Atlas of Kentucky Woody Plants. by Ross C. Clark and Timothy J. Weckman

Copies of an issue of Castanea: Occasional Papers in Eastern Botany are available from the Treasurer, Charles Horn (

  • Special offer: you may purchase Occasional Papers #1, 2 and 3 for $45.

To purchase, please write a check to "Southern Appalachian Botanical Society" and send to Charles Horn, Biology Department, Newberry College, 2100 College Street, Newberry, SC 29108.