Castanea: Journal of the Southern Appalachian Botanical Society

The Southern Appalachian Botanical Society publishes papers relating to the botany of the Eastern United States. In addition, as the official publication of the Society, news and information of interest to the membership is also contained within the pages of this quarterly publication. The journal was first started in 1936.

The journal name Castanea comes from the genus of chestnuts that must have been fresh in the minds of the founders of the Society when it was established. The Chestnut blight ravaged the American Chestnut, Castanea dentata (Marshall) Borkhausen [Family Fagaceae] in the early part of the twentieth Century. Prior to that time the species formed up to 35% of the forests of the Eastern United States. Please read an early journal article on Castanea dentata [PDF].

Beginning in 2003, SABS started a new series entitled: Castanea: Occasional Papers in Eastern Botany. This publication, as a supplement to Castanea, allows for publication of long manuscripts not appropriate for a regular issue of Castanea, collections of shorter manuscripts that treat topics not usually published in Castanea, and proceedings arising from symposia and conferences. Publication will be irregular.  Since its initiation three issue have been published.

We accept botanically-oriented ads within the pages of Castanea. Please see our current information sheet [PDF] with journal data and details on how to submit an ad.

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