Endowment and Other Funds

History of the SABS Endowment

The function of the Castanea Endowment is to provide long-term financial security for the Southern Appalachian Botanical Society. The society established the endowment in 1984 and began to solicit funds from its members. In 1985 the society contributed $5,000 from it's treasury to form an investment base and a goal of $200,000 was set for the fund. Pledges of $300 were solicited to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the organization in 1986. It was envisioned that the goal would be reached in a few years. By the end of 1990, after seven years of donations, the society had only accumulated 8.5% of the $200,000. Under the supervision, encouragement, and relentless work of Don Windler, the endowment continued to grow.

Finally, at the Spring 2005 meeting of the society in Florence, Alabama, we received the last of the contributions to push us over our goal amount of $200,000 for the endowment. At that point, the total of the membership contributions had reached $149,910 with the rest of the funds coming from dividends and interest to the endowment accounts. As of January 1, 2007 the endowment was valued at $236,146.

Endowment Drive to Support Student Research

Recently, the SABS Council has recognized that the society funds are not enough to support to spirit of the Earl Core Student Research Award. As a result, we have undertaken an endowment drive to get the Earl Core Student Research Award Endowment to $30,000. As of January 2013, the fund stood at $28,429.

Page updated December 2013