Previous Award Winners

Outstanding Student Contributed Paper Award

  • 2011 - Emily R. Blyveis (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga) - The vascular flora of the Tennessee River Gorge, Hamilton and Marion counties, Tennessee.
  • 2012 - Andrea R. Benson (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga) - Impacts of large mammal herbivory on Scutellaria montana Chapm. in the Tennessee Army National Guard Volunteer Training Site, Catoosa County, Georgia.
  • 2014 - Jamie D. Smith (James Madison University) – The relationship between riparian zone width and floristic quality along streams in Shenandoah County, Virginia
  • 2015 – Scott Cory (Appalachian State University) – Ecophysiological responses of Fraser Fir (Abies fraseri) christmas trees along an elevational gradient
  • 2016 - Peter Schafran (Old Dominion University) – Towards a Phylogeny of Isoetes in the Southeastern United States

Outstanding Student Poster Award

  • 2011 - Margot A. G. Wallston (University of North Carolina at Asheville) - Habitat attributes of Virginia spirea (Spirea virginiana Britton) along the Cheoah River, North Carolina.
  • 2012 - Jennifer S. Stanley (North Carolina State University) - Guide to the vascular flora of Picture Creek Diabase Barrens (Granville County, North Carolina).
  • 2013 - Gwendolyn Casebeer (University of North Carolina at Asheville) – Genetic variation in the rare, clonal shrub Spirea virginiana Britton (Virginia spirea) and implications for its conservation in western North Carolina.
    (coauthors Kristin Emery, H. David Clarke and Jennifer Rhode Ward)
  • 2014 - Jessica M. Bartek (Valdosta State University) – Digitization of the Valdosta State University Herbarium: Undergraduate student perspectives
  • 2015 - Catherine Cole (Appalachian State University) – An unusual succulent in the Appalachian Understory: Leaf Morphology and Light Capture in Sedum ternatum
  • 2016 - Nikolai Hay (Appalachian State University) – Preliminary Analysis of Genetic Diversity in Geum radiatum Suggests Inter-Population Diversity